BGSM-120 – Universal Communicator

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  • GSM Quad-Band
  • Can be used as a Primary, Backup or Standalone communicator
  • Can be installed inside panel cabinet (no extra battery required)
  • Compatible with most control panels
  • PTM feature Intelligently monitors phone line and switches automatically to GSM network
  • Able to detect VOIP service problems quickly (PTM)
  • 3 programmable I/O terminals
  • Telephone voice dialer: 8 voice messages of up to 16 sec. each
  • SMS dialer: 11 SMS messages of 100 characters
  • 8 telephone numbers for the Telephone and SMS dialers
  • Reliable, fast ContactID communications via GPRS (compatible with Sur-Gard® System II and System III receivers)
  • Credit balance check for pre-paid SIM CARDS
  • Programmable “whitelist” of enabled callers – up to 100 telephone numbers
  • Remote activation of outputs through caller recognition (zero charges) or by sending an SMS
  • Remote control feedback (SMS message or ring)
  • Flexible PC configuration software